Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #8 or "Blue Skies"

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #8 or "Blue Skies"

Hello All. I hope that you and yours are fine.

Well, yesterday I was working on wool kits for my class this weekend with Silver Star Mercantile in Carrollton , Tx. We will be doing a new wool applique design Bittersweet Harvest. Here’s hopeing that everyone enjoys the class and is happy with the results.

I am actually hand coloring the background on them. The top being the blue sky and the bottom being the green grass. Then, just when my shoulder was screaming ouch....... My husband popped his head in out of the heat....and kindly offered to help.....not really... Okay, I told him I needed him and promptly put him to work handcoloring wool...It is very messy....This is why I am doing it...not making my students...... I would never make that kind of a mess in some one else’s home...Actually, I think he would have done anything to get out of the heat....What a only got up to 107 °.

Anyway...back to what I was saying..John sat down a little hesitantly at the table and began the process. What fun..... He took to it like a duck to water....then, after a short while...My middle child, Josh showed up with my grandpuppy. So, I put him to work.......I mean play. Josh, not the puppy.....Soon, we were all three up to our elbows in blue skies, water, paint, and lots of fun....Actually we made a lot of progress and the background fabrics for my kits are finished. Yeah!!!!!!!!

So, then my oldest son showed up with my grandson and we retired to my new Tiki Hut (Green Gazebo) in the back yard...for a much needed respite. See pictures on my last blog....any way...that led to dinner and a movie.. I went to bed during that (the movie) and I have no idea what they did next.....


Well, looks like it’s gazebo time again for me

--- always remember------enjoy life ds


  1. Thanks for a great class! The project was wonderful and it is one thing I am sure to finish. I really enjoyed your hands-on teaching style and all the tips and tricks.

  2. Loved the class. It was a great time. I particularly enjoyed your hands-on teaching style and all the tips you gave us. I will definitely do more of your projects and looking forward to another class. Thanks again.