Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog 18

Down on the Lakadaisies Blog # 18
It has been over a month since my last blog, and for that I apologize.  The holidays took it out of me. First Christmas, then New Years, then putting every thing back in place......Whew.  Glad that is over.  Still I find it hard to believe that it is the 17th of January  2012. 

Maggie our Saint has been sick.  She has been sick quite a bit since October  with several trips to the vet.  Her last trip gave us news that every parent of child (or dog) never wants to hear....  CANCER ..... our sweet Maggie has bone cancer in her hind leg and has been in a great deal of pain.  We had noticed her limping a little, but put it down to playing with Quinn and arthritis.  We wish that were the case.  The vet says that probably the best option to prolong her life is to cut the leg off.  Notice I say prolong her life and not save it. Maggie is quite heavy and he is not sure about her being able to get around after.....

All the kids rallied round our Maggie this last weekend and we discussed our options. John poured through internet sites,  reading blogs and testimonials from people who had similar heart breaking news.  We have decided not to take off Maggie’s leg.  It seems selfish to me to prolong the pain and suffering just to keep her with us.  Right now we have her on pretty potent pain pills and she is as comfortable as possible and surrounded by love.

We are looking into several ways to boost her immune system so that she can fight the cancer.  We have tried ordering some medicine that was recommended, but the companies say they cannot ship to Texas.  We seem to be the only state in the union that will not allow this.  Looks like our best option is to ship it to an individual out of state that will ship it to us.  I guess we are just in the wrong place, we just didn’t know it until now.....

This is so frustating, but when your child is sick you will try anything.  We have decided to change their diets, so we have decided to cook their food from now on so that we can be assurred they get healthy cancer fighting vegetables(carrots etc.) and Omega 3's.  We know it will probably be too late to save our Maggie, but it might give us Quinn for many more years.

I am almost empty of tears and my heart is aching, but rest assured we will keep Maggie as pain free as possible as she struggles with this horrible disease.  I guess that we should continue to be happy to be a part of her life as long as we can, and cherish each moment. I guess that every once in a while we just need a little reminder. Maggie has always enjoyed her life and family.  Sometimes it is tough but I am trying and I encourage you to do this too. 

Dolores Storm

PS  Please feel free to email with any help/advice/support/etc. Our email address is lakadaisies@hotmail.com

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