Sunday, June 26, 2011

Down on the Farm Blog # 1

Down on the Farm   Blog #1

The Lakadaisies Farm, that is. We don't really have a farm-just a few acres. We are out in the country though, and we do have a large garden. I like to think of it as an idea farm-where ideas grow. I don't mean political or anything like that. I mean ideas like decorating ideas. Ideas for Redwork and Folk Art and Quilts and stuff like that. Sometimes they just come to me and I can just see them in my head...  Anyway, I am going to call it the Lakadaisies Farm, and we are back on it.  It always feel good to get home-sleep in your own bed-yeah-yeah-yeah.  My babies (my puppies) were awfully happy too...I really do hate to leave them.  Our two sons, our daughter, and especially our daughter-in-law and grandson, really do take good care of them when we are gone--that makes it bearable.  But, I really do miss them and they miss me.  I hope that we can figure out a way to take them with us.

So, I think I finally get it. This Blogging thing is kinda like keeping a diary and letting everyone read it. Just not sure what to do with the "juicy spots" yet. I guess that I will know when I get to one....           I think I can--I think I can--I think I can.....

Yes, it is nice to have some Texas sand between my toes...that Florida sand is still calling me home...oh well...maybe someday.......

Oh, John also said not to worry about spelling (which is a good thing because I noticed I misspelled a word or two on the last one) or jumping around.  I think he means changing subjects (which is also a good thing because I tend to do that).  I tend to be a
perfectionist--but-- I am trying to get over it.

So, we had a good second day at  OKC.  It seems that friendly people abound in Oklahoma. We ran out of a few patterns which is a good thing.  John only printed 100 copies of a paper telling about our classes and we ran out of them on Friday, so we went to a copy place and did some more.  He set the package on top of the truck to put the suitcases in Saturday morning.  Of course, he couldn’t find them when we got to the show.  He said that he was going to go find them.  It was really windy and I said “no way”.  Well, some people have all the luck-he found them still in the package and it only looked like they had been run over a time or two.  Most of them were still good and the others were still usable.  On his way back to the show, he found an estate sale and bought me three beautiful wool blankets and a few pieces of  lace.  So, I guess that I am the “lucky one”. 

I will close on that.  I do need to get something done.  Just now sure what yet.
Just remember---

Enjoy Life
dolores Storm

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  1. I so enjoyed seeing visiting with you & your husband on Saturday. My friend, Kristi, and I first met you in January at the OKC show. I'm looking forward to keeping connected by reading your new blog. Just write to us like you talked that day, telling us about your life in the Hill Country, your new projects, and your dogs. It'll be such fun!