Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Down on the Farm Blog # 2

Down on the Farm Blog #2

Oh my stars it is hot..... I am still moving my workshop. The room I am moving into is 3 times the size of my old room. I am not quite half through with the move, and I am amazed that I have run out of room! What kind of a crazy world do we live in..This is not supposed to happen... Maggie and Quinn come to the door and demand to come in to help. They proceed to lay right in the middle of what floor space I have left. Of course it is so easy to step over St. Bernards while juggling big boxes. They think it is great to be with Mom. I am sure the workshop will be finished before my classes start in September..Cross your fingers..If not I am sure we can muddle through. I have so many workstations set up I can work on at least 6 different things at once. I tend to work on at least 4 things at once now, so it will be great to have more projects going...Everyone does that though, right ?

Oh, there is one thing I forgot to tell you about John. He doesn’t have much to say and he doesn’t have much to say very often. So, when he handed me this and said that he had written it for the next blog, I was nearly speechless. So now, I will turn the blog over to him-at least for now...... enjoy life ds
You know after years of hearing things like:
I love the way that looks but I don’t know how. Or, I can’t do that. And especially, do you give classes? After years of begging and pleading, I finally talked "her" into letting the fun begin. Yes, friends and neighbors, Lakadaisies is now in the "teaching you how to have fun" business. What better way to learn how to do "redwork" than from the flyiwng fingers of the Maestro. She is so good with wool that sheep from around the world send her samples. I really do hate to brag, and I am sure that you get the idea-- so I will just to popular demand,-- presenting

                                                                             Lakadaisies Workshops 2011
These workshops will be held at our new worshop/garage close to Lampasas, Texas. Hours will be 10AM till 5 PM, with a break for lunch, Kit and lunch are provided, unless otherwise noted. Call/email for details...

August 20 . You will be learning how to use watercolor paints to dye cotton and wool for wall hangings. We will be doing a wool appliqued scarecrow. We will be doing the actual dyed background for the scarecrow.You will be able to use this technique in any design.
It will add that little extra touch to your work. .....yeah..... 10 students....... $125.00

October 8 . We will be working on two projects--REDWORK-- including matting and framing, and
MIXED MEDIA COLLAGES.......................................... 15 students....... $125.00
October 22 We will be working on Christmas. This includes mixed media collages, wreaths, and a Christmas Memory Board....And if time allows...some gift wrapping projects with recycled paper.
(Word from the horse’s mouth--Fun Stuff is promised)..........15 students........ $150.00

November 12 Again, the focus is on Christmas. We will be working on mixed media collages, Christmas Memory Boards, and gifts made from recycled materials that you will love to give as presents.....
You do not want to miss this workshop. We will have lots of fun...15 students $150.00
If you have a group of fifteen or more and would like to schedule a workshop in your area, we do worshops for Redwork Embroidery, Mixed Media Art Quilts or Collages, and Wool Applique... Please call for details/availability.
PS I nearly forgot...

August 5 & 6 Wool Applique (Scarecrow)....Fun Time with Susan from Silver Star Mercantile in Carrollton, Texas...Kits will be included..class size is 972 242 4490 for more info-save your spot

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