Friday, July 1, 2011

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #3

Down on the Farm Blog #3

Good Morning .....I spent 2 hours last night taking apart an antique coverlet that had seen better days. It was 3 layers tied with thread. The second layer was feed sacks in new condition...yeah....bonus... that will help replenish my stash of vintage fabric for my miniture quilts. .it was getting low..I was getting worried... Most of it is thread bare and faded...My favorite I am slow getting started this morning....COFFEE...........

I am going to make a strawberry cake. Yepper, I know....but I am working it off. Still working on the workshop space.. It is looking pretty good..but,I need to stop work on that and go put the shop back together. I messed up all the displays for the Oklahoma Quilt Show. So- I am going to put it back together again ...I know...I will just shut the door when I am through. But, I promised it would look good when you drop by...What are friends for? Speaking of friends, Sandy Jenkins stopped by on her way to Dallas last week. For those of you who haven’t met Sandy, she is the Queen of Needlework. She has a shop in Fredricksburg and gives workshops there, when she is home. She travels a lot giving workshops and going to shows. Her husband, Rocky runs the shop when she is gone. So, if you are in the area stop by and see them. Here is a link to her website

The cake is out of the oven and waiting for the icing. Oh my stars but it smells good..Wish you were here to eat it with me..I love to cook, but hate to eat it all by myself. John of course will be forced to eat some, but strawberry cake is not his favorite. So I will make the big sacrifice and eat it. I am including the recipe so you can make one. No sense in me getting fat all by myself. Life is to short not to eat cake. Well, guess I better stop and get busy..

Enjoy Life ...dolores Storm

1- box of white cake mix
1- box strawberry jello
2- eggs
1- stick of butter, melted
1- cup water
1- cup sliced fresh strawberries
Bake at 350 till light brown...about 25 min.
3 to 4 cups powdered sugar
½ cups sliced strawberries
1 stick butter, softened
mix together and frost
This is so good cold on a hot summer day......

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