Thursday, September 29, 2011

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog Lucky # 13 or Thank You Colorado

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #13 or "Thank You Colorado"

Hello Everybody:

Well, we just got back from the mountains. It sure was nice to "beat the heat", at least for a little while. It doesn’t seem so bad/hot now. Maybe it is just me or maybe I just haven’t been outside as much. We have been staying inside-trying to catch up and ship out those orders that piled up while we were gone and those that we took at the Quilt-A-Fair in Longmont, Colorado.

I would just like to say to all of the people that we met at Longmont, Thank You Very Much. I have not had such a good time in a while. You really do know how to throw a party. I really enjoyed watching John work so hard. He gave away so many "kisses" to other women that I think that he is going to have to start buying his own chocolate. I wish that I had counted how many were in our booth at one time-where is that camera when you need it. All I have are some pictures of the booth before everybody got there.

  Also, a special "Thank You" to the woman who decided to move the line outside the booth. I would send you something nice if I just knew your name/address. John didn’t get it, but he doesn’t get a lot of things.

Oh, I nearly forgot-thanks for making our son Josh feel so much at home. He went with us on his vacation. I guess I would call it a "working vacation". He works all the time at his job (he is some kinda higher-up at a HEB grocery store in Austin) and we think that he needs to "get away" more. Well he got away, or at least out of the frying pan and maybe into the fire. No, that was John that was in the fire. Anyway, he helped us a lot and he even tried his hand at stitching-John caught him on camera. He didn’t delete it so here it is.

Well, it is back to work time-I am going to stop by the gazebo for a "break" first. John says we gotta get ready for the next show.......Canton Texas...14th and 15th of October....... OK ...but right now I just need to get the proper attitude...but wait what do I see.... is that John with a bottle of wine....and... is that chocolate?........hmmmm.....maybe he is not so bad......

So like John always says.....Enjoy Life.....I am beginning to like that saying.....I might just steal it.........oh yeah ....... I already did dolores Storm

PS After a "heart to heart" with my babies-puppies. I have decided not to have a booth at The Houston Quilt Festival this year. I am going to concentrate on new designs and plan on having "BIG SALES" and getting our property ready to sale...... I need some sand between my toes....

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