Monday, August 15, 2011

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #10

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog # 10

This has been a slow week at the Lakadaisies Farm. We shipped out some wholesale orders and I tried to work on new projects.....But then, out of the blue skies we are so used to seeing came some thunderstorms. So, we just stopped and watched the rain. I forgot how much I enjoyed just listening to the sound of rain on the tin roof. You can’t beat the simple joys of life. Quinn and Maggie had forgotten what rain looked like.... They were as fascinated as we were and stood at the front door just soaking it in.....until the thunder scooted them closer to Mom and Dad.

Yes indeed, we got three tenths of an inch. Life is good.....Now, we have humidity to go with the 100 plus heat.

My week is over and I enjoyed a visit from my daughter and grandpuppy today...Short, only an hour or two....We talked about the trip she is planning for her birthday in December. She is going to Ireland. All by herself....I am beside myself, but she is determined....I know she is a big girl, but still.....Ireland? She asked her brother to go with her, but he turned her down...I may have to have a talk with him. She gets lost getting off an elevator some time.... Maybe I can talk her into Disney World instead.....

Well, they can’t stay in your pocket forever....

Enjoy Life

dolores Storm

oh, I forgot, my daughter found the cutest rug for me..... Just perfect...sometimes a picture......says it all.....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #9 or Fun Fun Fun

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog # 9 or "Fun Fun Fun"
Hi everybody. Hope you are staying cool. We are still waiting on Summer here.....I don’t think that it has been 110° in the shade-yet.....
Anyway, I just got back home from my weekend in Carrollton at my good friend Susan Meyer’s house. I stayed with her, and taught a class hosted by her shop "The Silver Star Mercantile". The class was at Sandy Calvert’s house,...a very good friend of Susan’s....I must say, I have never met a more gracious host and hostess. Sandy’s husband went above and beyond, as did Sandy. Can you imagine the horror of turning your house over to 8 women with scissors, paper, needles and wool.... I had so much fun...I hope everyone had just as much. Here are a few pictures.......

Sandy has a sewing room out by the pool, that I hope to move into...just kidding Sandy.....not
A special thanks to all my willing students...and a big fat A for all your hard work . I look forward to our next class, just let me know and I will be there.
Susan and her husband Raymond were so wonderful.......Her house is decorated better than her shop, if you can believe that....She brought me home as far as Hamilton and we took a few moments to stop by the Homestead in Hico.........A must see if you haven’t.........
My babies were so happy to see Mom, I am sure John did not feed them at all while I was gone. I am pretty sure Quinn will be down to 180 lbs. Poor baby, skin and bones.....and Maggie....pitiful......
Well, I hope everyone finishes their project and remember to send pictures and call me if you get stuck and need help....Hope to see you for the next class....watercolor? and Thank you so much....
Remember to enjoy life, take tiny stitches and eat lots of chocolate
d. Storm

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #8 or "Blue Skies"

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #8 or "Blue Skies"

Hello All. I hope that you and yours are fine.

Well, yesterday I was working on wool kits for my class this weekend with Silver Star Mercantile in Carrollton , Tx. We will be doing a new wool applique design Bittersweet Harvest. Here’s hopeing that everyone enjoys the class and is happy with the results.

I am actually hand coloring the background on them. The top being the blue sky and the bottom being the green grass. Then, just when my shoulder was screaming ouch....... My husband popped his head in out of the heat....and kindly offered to help.....not really... Okay, I told him I needed him and promptly put him to work handcoloring wool...It is very messy....This is why I am doing it...not making my students...... I would never make that kind of a mess in some one else’s home...Actually, I think he would have done anything to get out of the heat....What a only got up to 107 °.

Anyway...back to what I was saying..John sat down a little hesitantly at the table and began the process. What fun..... He took to it like a duck to water....then, after a short while...My middle child, Josh showed up with my grandpuppy. So, I put him to work.......I mean play. Josh, not the puppy.....Soon, we were all three up to our elbows in blue skies, water, paint, and lots of fun....Actually we made a lot of progress and the background fabrics for my kits are finished. Yeah!!!!!!!!

So, then my oldest son showed up with my grandson and we retired to my new Tiki Hut (Green Gazebo) in the back yard...for a much needed respite. See pictures on my last blog....any way...that led to dinner and a movie.. I went to bed during that (the movie) and I have no idea what they did next.....


Well, looks like it’s gazebo time again for me

--- always remember------enjoy life ds