Monday, April 14, 2014

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #39

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog # 39

Hello everyone from the farm.

I just get so caught up in everything. I am working on a new design and getting ready to go to Paducah, please do not lose patience with me. I know I promised more blogs, anyway... I will do a short one...because a promise is a promise.

The three shows we just did seem like a blur. John got sick on the way to Puyallup and I had to drive through LA. John was feeling good enough to navigate and we sailed right around. Driving through LA is one of my least favorite things and I am glad it is behind me. I got sick on the way home and didn’t even tell John to slow down once, in the mountains. Anyway, all the shows were so busy. We got to visit with so many old friends and made so many new ones. A big "Thank You" to all who have supported me through the years.

We got so far behind on orders from the three shows I kept looking for a place to hide, but Quinnie kept finding me. Now we are caught up-we just finished dyeing some wool for a lady in Washington. ...YES...all of the kits are shipped out-I even made a few extra for Paducah.

I haven’t had much time to think, but that did not keep me from churning out three new designs. Here is a picture of "Fireworks on the Fourth of July"
I started working on it right before Puyallup. Patterns and kits will be available at Paducah. I still have several designs in my head that I haven’t had time to get out. I will do something about that after Paducah. John is still screaming about the other new ones. I even talked him into doing kits for the last one. He hates it when I give him new ones right before a show. (such a good reason to do it and all the more fun for me)

And, I almost forgot to tell you about the latest edition of Quiltmania’s Simply Vintage magazine. The back cover looks pretty cool because it has one of my designs on it. Again, another big "Thank You" to Caroline and the whole staff at Quiltmania. Everybody is still talking about our "Catch a Falling Snowflake" design which recently graced the cover. I will have a few copies of both at Paducah.

Anyway, please join us at the AQS Quiltweek at Paducah, if you can. The show dates are Wed. April 23 through 26. Here is a link to their website; . We will be in the "Bubble" or the pavilion and our booth numbers are 4305 & 7. I have several new designs, and lots of vintage and hand-dyed wool and ribbon.

I haven’t had a whole lot of "me" time lately, so I talked John into buying me some tomatoes and peppers and squash to plant. He had to help me as I have the brownest of brown thumbs. I can almost taste those vine ripened sun kissed tomatoes already..and I bought grey pumpkin seeds. John has promised to not cut the water off again like he did the last time. He claimed that my pumpkins were "taking over" his garden-such a prima donna.

Right now, I have to go--see you in Paducah.

just remember always---enjoy life-------- ds