Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Down on the Farm Blog # 2

Down on the Farm Blog #2

Oh my stars it is hot..... I am still moving my workshop. The room I am moving into is 3 times the size of my old room. I am not quite half through with the move, and I am amazed that I have run out of room! What kind of a crazy world do we live in..This is not supposed to happen... Maggie and Quinn come to the door and demand to come in to help. They proceed to lay right in the middle of what floor space I have left. Of course it is so easy to step over St. Bernards while juggling big boxes. They think it is great to be with Mom. I am sure the workshop will be finished before my classes start in September..Cross your fingers..If not I am sure we can muddle through. I have so many workstations set up I can work on at least 6 different things at once. I tend to work on at least 4 things at once now, so it will be great to have more projects going...Everyone does that though, right ?

Oh, there is one thing I forgot to tell you about John. He doesn’t have much to say and he doesn’t have much to say very often. So, when he handed me this and said that he had written it for the next blog, I was nearly speechless. So now, I will turn the blog over to him-at least for now...... enjoy life ds
You know after years of hearing things like:
I love the way that looks but I don’t know how. Or, I can’t do that. And especially, do you give classes? After years of begging and pleading, I finally talked "her" into letting the fun begin. Yes, friends and neighbors, Lakadaisies is now in the "teaching you how to have fun" business. What better way to learn how to do "redwork" than from the flyiwng fingers of the Maestro. She is so good with wool that sheep from around the world send her samples. I really do hate to brag, and I am sure that you get the idea-- so I will just to popular demand,-- presenting

                                                                             Lakadaisies Workshops 2011
These workshops will be held at our new worshop/garage close to Lampasas, Texas. Hours will be 10AM till 5 PM, with a break for lunch, Kit and lunch are provided, unless otherwise noted. Call/email for details...

August 20 . You will be learning how to use watercolor paints to dye cotton and wool for wall hangings. We will be doing a wool appliqued scarecrow. We will be doing the actual dyed background for the scarecrow.You will be able to use this technique in any design.
It will add that little extra touch to your work. .....yeah..... 10 students....... $125.00

October 8 . We will be working on two projects--REDWORK-- including matting and framing, and
MIXED MEDIA COLLAGES.......................................... 15 students....... $125.00
October 22 We will be working on Christmas. This includes mixed media collages, wreaths, and a Christmas Memory Board....And if time allows...some gift wrapping projects with recycled paper.
(Word from the horse’s mouth--Fun Stuff is promised)..........15 students........ $150.00

November 12 Again, the focus is on Christmas. We will be working on mixed media collages, Christmas Memory Boards, and gifts made from recycled materials that you will love to give as presents.....
You do not want to miss this workshop. We will have lots of fun...15 students $150.00
If you have a group of fifteen or more and would like to schedule a workshop in your area, we do worshops for Redwork Embroidery, Mixed Media Art Quilts or Collages, and Wool Applique... Please call for details/availability.
PS I nearly forgot...

August 5 & 6 Wool Applique (Scarecrow)....Fun Time with Susan from Silver Star Mercantile in Carrollton, Texas...Kits will be included..class size is 972 242 4490 for more info-save your spot

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Down on the Farm Blog # 1

Down on the Farm   Blog #1

The Lakadaisies Farm, that is. We don't really have a farm-just a few acres. We are out in the country though, and we do have a large garden. I like to think of it as an idea farm-where ideas grow. I don't mean political or anything like that. I mean ideas like decorating ideas. Ideas for Redwork and Folk Art and Quilts and stuff like that. Sometimes they just come to me and I can just see them in my head...  Anyway, I am going to call it the Lakadaisies Farm, and we are back on it.  It always feel good to get home-sleep in your own bed-yeah-yeah-yeah.  My babies (my puppies) were awfully happy too...I really do hate to leave them.  Our two sons, our daughter, and especially our daughter-in-law and grandson, really do take good care of them when we are gone--that makes it bearable.  But, I really do miss them and they miss me.  I hope that we can figure out a way to take them with us.

So, I think I finally get it. This Blogging thing is kinda like keeping a diary and letting everyone read it. Just not sure what to do with the "juicy spots" yet. I guess that I will know when I get to one....           I think I can--I think I can--I think I can.....

Yes, it is nice to have some Texas sand between my toes...that Florida sand is still calling me home...oh well...maybe someday.......

Oh, John also said not to worry about spelling (which is a good thing because I noticed I misspelled a word or two on the last one) or jumping around.  I think he means changing subjects (which is also a good thing because I tend to do that).  I tend to be a
perfectionist--but-- I am trying to get over it.

So, we had a good second day at  OKC.  It seems that friendly people abound in Oklahoma. We ran out of a few patterns which is a good thing.  John only printed 100 copies of a paper telling about our classes and we ran out of them on Friday, so we went to a copy place and did some more.  He set the package on top of the truck to put the suitcases in Saturday morning.  Of course, he couldn’t find them when we got to the show.  He said that he was going to go find them.  It was really windy and I said “no way”.  Well, some people have all the luck-he found them still in the package and it only looked like they had been run over a time or two.  Most of them were still good and the others were still usable.  On his way back to the show, he found an estate sale and bought me three beautiful wool blankets and a few pieces of  lace.  So, I guess that I am the “lucky one”. 

I will close on that.  I do need to get something done.  Just now sure what yet.
Just remember---

Enjoy Life
dolores Storm

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oklahoma City Quilt Show

Greetings from Oklahoma City   

Yes, we are in the Capitol City and have a booth at the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild, Inc. Quilt Show.  They call it  A Celebration Of Quilts 2011 FROM HEART AND HANDS.  It is at the State Fair Park and is a two day show ending Saturday (today). Let me tell you, these people really know how to party. Join us if you can. for more information here is a link to their website.

I have to tell you. I am trying to learn how to do this blogging thing. It is new to me, but I am trying. John says that you, just want to know what I am doing and that I just need to visit with you. He claims to have talked to several people and that I need to do it every day or at least every other day. He says not to worry about the puncuation and that it should become easy to do after a few times. Well I don't know about that, but I am going to give it a try.  

Enough about that. Yes, we had a wonderful day Friday. I must say that we met some of the nicest people that I have ever met. I do not intend to offend anyone, and I have met a lot of really nice people all over our United States.  It seems that Quilters as a general rule are just "great" and I am proud that you girls/guys have allowed me be to become a member of your group.... 

More about that later. right now I have got to get ready for the show.  After this show ends today we are southbound-John is such a slavedriver. (I have got to finish putting the final touches on my workshop and be ready for my new classes. I  have got them scheduled
now and will tell you more about them real soon)

Hey, that wasn't so bad...I think I like it already!! John thinks (he is always thinking something) that I should have a little closing saying-like Walter Cronkite or Paul Harvey. Like a motto, so I will use his.

Enjoy Life
dolores Storm

Monday, June 13, 2011

First Blog

This is my first blog...ever....I can't believe it.....but, you are reading the proof.. We went to Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, then went on to Montana...We got caught in floods and fires on our way back to Texas...Wow... What a ride.. We got orders filled and I decided to move my workshop from my house to my garage .  Good idea, but first I had to talk my hubby into it....Not so easy, as he hates to move or clean anything.  Well....I won this battle and  we just finished painting the floor today...Yepper, we had to do it and yes some of the paint hit the fan..but it was totally worth it. Now the fun stuff starts tomorrow.. Moving stuff I can't live without and decorating......

I have decided to hold workshops there...have some fun for a are welcome to join first workshop will be in August in Carrollton, Texas with the Silver Star Mercantile. however....It will be a wool applique that I am almost finished with. I am going to show you a sneak peak.....Call the Silver Star for more details...Gotta go for now, Maggie and Quinn want their walk and John has to save this...I haven't learned to do that yet..

dolores storm

Friday, June 3, 2011