Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Down On The Lakadaisies Farm Blog # 30

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog # 30

I did not realize that it has been so long since my last blog. I have been busy. We recently got home from the Quilt expo in Puallup, Washington and then the AQS show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Both were great shows and it was quite a long trip. I would like to say a quick "thank you" to all of the wonderful people who made me feel at home in all of my travels.

We had a new edition of Quilt Mania’s "Simply Vintage" magazine waiting for us when we got home..The Spring addition... #6. We have one of our designs featured in it from our Hand me Down series. The Appliqued Sampler #608, it is on the back cover as well. We have just sent off a new design to them and we just arranged to send them another coverlet when we get back from Paducah. I have been busy getting ready for the big AQS show in Paducah, Kentucky.

When I think of Paducah, I have to smile. We were at a small guild show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida many moons ago....just starting out on the quilt show very naive....when Bonnie, the president of the AQS came to our booth. She must have liked it because she asked if we would be interested in doing the AQS show in Paducah, if a booth became available......Well, I was so ignorant about things then...I had no idea who or what the AQS was or where Paducah was...John said he thought it was in Texas....somewhere.......

We of course said yes, not wanting to appear the clueless in a little while we were off to Paducah and right away we found out we were out of our comfort zone....definately not in Kansas anymore. We had a wonderful show....Thank you Bonnie.

We were immediately bullied by other venders about not paying our dues.....I had no idea what dues they were talking about....again...ignorant.....John said we would pay them later. That was in 2002, and we are heading back to Paducah in a few days. I am hoping that John has paid the dues ? If not, I guess that he will have to pay them later. We hope to see you there. The dates are April 24-27. We will be in the Bubble? I am hoping also for good weather...the last time we were there we had a huge rain storm with tornados all around.We had to drive an hour and a half just to sleep at a fish camp....and wait a minute.....John says we will still be driving two hours to and from but....this time I am not staying at a fish camp...they were booked...not kidding.... I am trying to stay positive....I will not be a baby about this....I am a seasoned quilt show vendor now, I am a professional and I know to bring along several bottles of wine...just in case...oh, and chocolate..... no seasoned quilt show vendor goes anywhere without the essentials...

Got to run---just remember always---enjoy life--------ds

I promise not to take so long next time