Monday, April 27, 2015

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog # 47

Hello and Greetings from the Lakadaisies Farm. I realize that I cannot stop what I am doing to do a blog when I should, so I am going to hand off the ball to John.  He is making me do this one, so he can do the next.

So much has happened on the Lakadaisies Farm.  The most important, to me, was that my sweet beautiful angel, Quinnie, got bone cancer and we lost him.  For those of you that don’t know, He was a beautiful 185 pound St. Bernard.  He was my baby and I have been moping around the house for a while.  It is not my goal to bring you down or anything like that.  But, he will always have a special place in my heart and I sure do miss him.

We had a wonderful time at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo at Puyallup, Washington, and The A Mountain Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.  I taught some classes at Pigeon Forge and we had a blast.  I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and hope to do more classes and “Retreats” in the future. I hope that all of my students learned something and had fun too.  I have been thinking about having one in Fredricksburg, Texas this Summer.  Stay tuned.

Now, John has completed our schedule for at least the first part of 2015.  We are cleaning up around the house and working on new designs for a few weeks.  I had hoped to go to Quilt Market in May, but after several talks with our local County Clerk’s Office, it appears that it is either Jury Duty or Jail.  I hate having to make tough decisions like that, so, Jury Duty it is, on my birthday.  What a wonderful present.  In June, we go North for The annual Minnesota Quilters' Show and Conference. This year it will be held in Duluth and the show dates are June 11, 12 & 13th.  This will be the second
time that we have been to Duluth.  They put on a really great show and we really liked it there. Then we turn around and head South for the NQA (National Quilt Association) Show.  This year it will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas.  They also do a great job and the show dates are June 18, 19, and 20.In July we are going to Cape Cod for the Bayberry Quilter’s of Cape Cod Quilt Show.  It has been a few years but I really love it up there and I can hardly wait. Show dates are July 30, 31, and Aug. 1. Then we go even further North for the World Quilt Show New England XII.  The Mancuso Brothers are putting it on and I was very impressed with them this winter in Florida.  The show will be held in Manchester New Hampshire and the dates are Aug.  13, 14, & 15.  Then it is Out West for the San Diego Quilt Show.  Show dates are Sept. 10, 11, & 12.  John is still thinking about another Quilt Show or two and there is always the International Quilt Festival in Houston to look forward to.

Again, I would like to thank Carol and the crew at Quiltmania.  They put my design “The Curious Little Chicken” in the Spring 2015 issue of Simply Vintage. Here is a picture of it.

I nearly forgot, I just got through with a new quilt.  I named it “Washday Blues”.  I have a few kits and patterns are available.  Here is a picture of it. 

Just remember to, as always, enjoy life     ds.

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