Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog #51

Down on the Lakadaisies Farm Blog # 51

I held off on posting this blog for a while.  We were scheduled to be vendors at two shows in California.  Dolores has been complaining about her back for about two weeks.  It has bothered her, off and on, for a long time.  Sometimes, a whole lot more so than others.  Well, to make a long story short, we are not going to California.  She has been laying up a lot.  She sometimes gets a
little carried away. I was mowing the other day and she grabbed the mower and took off.  I nearly had to carry her to bed. We really had our hearts set on the California shows.  They are both put on by the Mancusco Brothers and they do a fantastic job. We hope that everyone has a wonderful time without us.   
Dolores continues to work on new designs.  I have pictures of a couple that I will post shortly. She overdoes it sometimes, I think, but I can’t stop her.  Hopefully she will be ready for Houston.
I have got to run-
enjoy life    Js

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